Programs Available


We stimulate our auditory senses with fun and beautiful music at Morning Melodies, Singing Time, and disco/dances. We invite talented musicians to come and perform. At our Christmas Party we had two violinists come and play some beautiful Christmas hymns and jolly jingles.

When a client has a favorite song we play it for them while we prepare morning tea or when we are having our chill social hour in the afternoon. Often we play the radio when traveling in the vans. Several staff and clients enjoy singing along with the music, where ever it is being played.

Health and Fitness:

We actively learn to take care of our bodies with our sports teams, regularly walking groups, and eating activities. Our sports teams include basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, netball, and swimming team. Although the rules and regulations we play by are altered to allow everyone to play, each person playing enjoys the game.

We are located on the edge of Sylvan park which has beautiful fields and walking areas, perfect for keeping active. We often spend the afternoon on the field or have picnic lunches under the trees. We often have nutritious snacks, and often bake at the centre!

Communications:Timothy Reading

We promote communication improvement by learning Makaton sign and having clients interact with the community in daily activities. This helps everyone to be able to understand one another in one on one or small group settings. We encourage reading and writing for those that are able. On a larger scale we also introduce each of our clients to a wide range of cultural events, social media, and literature to know how the community at large communicates with each other.

David doing artThe Arts:

We enjoy being creative with arts and crafts projects on a regular basis. We appreciate the splendor of other’s creative work by attending art galleries, museums, libraries and occasionally put on our own art show!

Community Support:Donna Mc community support

We reach out to those that need a helping hand in the community doing collection days (Like Donna to the right), Meals on Wheels, and health visits. Even though our clients have severe disabilities, we find ways to give back to the community, supporting good causes, and increasing the unity between people in the community.


12714259_10207156200136525_1349450052_nWe regularly engage our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste through activities including a sensory room, tenpin bowling, nature walks, eating out, pampering, and window shopping. We walk along the town roads to hear the car noises and see the lights. We walk in the park and bush to see the nature, hear the birds and feel the trees etc. We go swimming to feel the water. We have movie afternoons to see lights and colors, hear noises and follow a story line. We have picnics outside to feel the sun, and taste good food. Every activity we do can stimulate our senses in at least one way.

Living Adventures:

This programme is the most recent addition to our services. We work with our client and his or her family and caregivers to figure out what their dreams are, what their wishlist is and figure out what they want to do in their lifetime. Then we do everything we can to make it happen! From becoming a fireman to having a hawaiian party, we do our best to make our client’s dreams becoming a reality. Our clients have real living adventures!