Mission Statement and Values

Our mission is to deliver a high quality community participation day programme that values each individual, supporting them to successfully thrive, grow and contribute. We value the characteristics of respect, inclusion, empowerment, dignity, and collaboration.

Dear Parents, Guardians, Whanua and Caregivers,

Let your loved one come join us during the day. We provide the fun caring service that you’ve been looking for! We make it easy for you to have a break and not get burnt out while caring for your disabled loved one. Your loved one is watched over and cared for while you work, run your errands, study at University or do your housework.

New Dawn’s team of trained staff work with your loved one to have fun, learn, grow and manage his or her intellectual and physical disability. With our individualized programmes each person in our care receives exactly what they need to be able to thrive.

We all enjoy life here at New Dawn, no matter what the disability! Get in contact with us and see what we can offer you and your loved one.

Kind Regards,

Nicola Bauer, Centre Manager of New Dawn Partnership Inc.