What is New Dawn?

Park walk

A community day program for adults with complex needs. Open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. Each client has a personal support plan and a key staff member that focuses on achieving the client’s goals and dreams.

Who can participate?

Male and female adults, with physical and/or intellectual disabilities or delays.

How can New Dawn help you and your family?

We provide relief from the 24/7 care you give your loved one. We can provide you with the time to go back to university, join the work force, catch up on the needed household duties, errand running and much more.


Your loved one will gain life long friends, increased self-worth, and added skills. Our team of extremely capable staff work with you to help manage the physical, behavioral and communicative challenges thus enabling your loved one to participate in the community. You and your loved one become part of the New Dawn family.

New Dawn is a happy and vibrant  centre.  Our clients learn and grow and have opportunities in our community.


“My daughter has purpose and looks forward to being a part of a wonderful program”