About us

Here at New Dawn our mission is to deliver a high quality Community Participation Day Programme for both youth and adults with complex needs. Our service values inclusion and supports individuals to thrive, grow and contribute within a community setting. Those who attend New Dawn will have a personal support plan and a key staff member that supports the individual to achieve their personal goals.

Our history

New Dawn Partnership was formed in 1994, by a group of parents who wished to offer quality day care and continuing educational opportunities for individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities upon leaving a school setting. New Dawn began with three participants led by a volunteer in a disused classroom at Wairau Valley Special School. Over the years, New Dawn has grown significantly and is now located on the beautiful grounds of Sylvan park in Milford.

Park walk

How can New Dawn help you and your family?

At New Dawn we not only have fun on a daily basis but we also provide learning opportunities through our various activities and programmes. Individuals will gain life long friends, increased self-worth, and added skills to assist them in day to day life.

Youth Group – Is available to individuals aged 18 to 26 years of age who are physically able and don’t require one on one care. This group are out in the community all day where they learn to participate in challenging and rewarding activities .

Adult Group – Our adult group is made up of individuals who require more one on one support. They follow an individualised programme based on their own personal support plan. These programmes include music, dance, singing, health, fitness, creative arts and crafts and much more.

New Dawn is a happy and vibrant  centre.  Our clients learn and grow and have opportunities in our community.


“My daughter has purpose and looks forward to being a part of a wonderful program”